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Quality and beauty: the Glasstone standard

We welcome our guests with the highest-quality lodging standards, making them feel at home. On the other hand, we have the expertise you need to get the best possible returns from your vacation rental investment.
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Why Glasstone?

Results, complete solution and optimized cost

An efficient vacation rental management operation is one that seeks to exceed the expectations of both owners and guests, which is why it is so challenging of an endeavor.

We have the best rating among Central Florida's vacation rental management companies. We rate 4.8 out of 5 on Airbnb and Vrbo and have received thousands of positive reviews from our guests.


Airbnb recognition for hosts who provide an extraordinary experience for guests

96% of positive reviews

Greater reliability and relevance for guests

4,000 reservations yearly

Excellent reputation combined with the right marketing strategies

Excellence in support

99% of guests' requests are resolved in less than 1 hour

24-hour call center

Professionals fluent in multiple languages

Property management is mostly an exhausting and time-consuming task, especially if you are in another country. And that is why Glasstone offers the complete solution for your investment:

Interior Design & Decoration

The right dose of sophistication, comfort and convenience is essential

Basic services

Activation and monitoring of water, light and internet consumption


Full regulatory compliance (at both the county and state levels)

Administrative tasks

Receipt and transfer of resources and supervision of suppliers


Frequent maintenance and inspections

We know that the reduction and control of expenses are important variables of the final result of your property because they directly affect your profitability. For this reason, Glasstone created the Simplified Fee, which is the most economical way to perform the preventive maintenance and small repairs needed in the day-to-day of your property.

Simplified Fees

Save with preventive maintenance and small repairs needed in the day-to-day of your property

Marketing Fee

Development of detailed listings on distribution channels (both proprietary and third-party), marketing of the property, professional photos and other strategies

Commission Structure for Reservations

Coordination of check-in and check-out procedures and cleaning, attendance and communication between field teams
Simplified Fees

How to save on property maintenance?

With the Glasstone simplified fee schedule, our field team takes care of an extensive list of services for a fixed monthly amount. This way, the basic maintenance and routine tasks for your property will not turn into unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.
Entre em contato e conheça como funciona o nosso plano com tarifa simplificada
Glasstone Laundry

Professional sanitizing (cleaning and disinfecting) of linens

We know that our guests' expectations go far beyond clean and scented beds and towels, but we can never neglect something so important..

Why do we have our own laundry?

Linens are carefully sanitized always to the same high standard.
Impacting the guest in a positive way always contributes to the reputation of the property.
Savings for the owner
Saving on electricity and water bills, and increasing the duration of your property's washer and dryer.
Savings of up to $1,200 annually

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Preparation of the property

Fundamental ingredients: quality and beauty.

The convenience of having a whole house for their enjoyment is the main reason why travelers from all over the world choose to stay in a vacation home. The preparation to leave everything ready to receive guests is extensive, not only to meet the high expectations of tourists but also to meet legal requirements and industry standards.

Interior Design & Decoration

The right dose of sophistication and comfort

Guests like to have the impression that they are, in fact, "owners" of the house during the short period of stay. For this reason, Glasstone also specialises in the decoration of vacation homes and offers tailor-made packages for 2- to 8-bedroom properties. Click on the button below and talk to our architecture and interior design team.
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